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The mission of Beech Grove High School, in conjunction with parents and community members, is to build a culture of excellence by providing challenging academic standards that prepare students to succeed in a competitive and dynamic global society.


Beech Grove High School envisions a future of enthusiastic stakeholders with a unified commitment to building a culture of excellence. We believe all students can attain skills needed to face a competitive workforce, and we work together to empower them to achieve academic success and extra-curricular involvement in a safe, clean environment. We seek to spur success not only in academics, critical thinking, and communication skills but also in becoming responsible and productive citizens who contribute to society. With strong ethical and moral values, we pledge to be respectful of others in our diverse society and to strengthen our commitment to our community.

Beech Grove Student Network (BGSN)


Provide resources in support of a positive and professionally-oriented co-curricular environment that supports student learning and development and produces quality media for our campus and school community.

Goals and Objectives

A. Coordinate and support quality audio and visual production projects and production of BGSN Live, and our social media platforms.

B. Provide an inclusive, positive and professionally oriented environment for student co-curricular learning which will foster student exploration of internships and career opportunities that they may pursue in the future.

C. Assure student media’s quality through continuing assessment and improvement of departmental programs and resources.

D. Recruit and encourage promising, dedicated and diverse student

  1. Maintain visibility as an inclusive program within the general student body and within specific groups by inviting participation of any interested student as well as minority, disabled, international and other non-traditional student participant.
  2. Communicate recruitment messages through campus departments and student organizations serving minority, international, adult, non-traditional and disabled student populations.
  3. Advertise in the daily newspaper, make classroom presentations, and publicize across campus the opportunities for student involvement.

E. Maintain and enhance cooperation with student affairs and related academic departments and seek new cooperative arrangements that benefit student learning and development across our district.

F. Secure and effectively manage financial and business resources and relationships to support the program.

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