Beech Grove Players



Students enrolled will read and analyze plays, create scripts and theatre pieces, conceive scenic designs, and develop acting skills. These activities incorporate elements of theatre history, culture, analysis, response, creative process, and integrated studies. Additionally, students explore career opportunities in the theatre, attend and critique theatrical productions, and recognize the responsibilities and the importance of individual theatre patrons in their community.


Students will be involved in all aspects of stage design, construction and technical skills.   Students will train on the equipment through productions and rehearsals while serving BGHS & community events and related music department activities. Grades must be given on the amount of daily effort, commitment to performances, maturity, and subject area knowledge. Teacher and student lead instruction will cover the basic areas of stage construction, sound engineering, lighting, scenery painting & construction, and production management. (There is a lot of grunt work involved in this type of course–moving, lifting, and building.) Needs in the music department require after-school and evening performances/concerts.  Students are expected to follow safety and auditorium procedures. 


The purpose of Drama Club is to promote the appreciation for theatre performing arts. It provides students with opportunities to participate in supervised, creative dramatic activities, including impromptu skits, improvisation games, vocal music, dance, costume design, set design, and tech crew. The club will work on creative thinking skills, encourage teamwork, and provide students with enriched learning experiences in the area of performing arts.









“Theatre” by boeke is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0